Janet Jackson Was Moved By VMA Tribute Dancers: The MTV Quote Of The Day

"It was very emotional for me and I was trying not to cry. And I got choked up a few times. It gave me goosebumps. I thought [the dancers] looked incredible. They had just learned it. [It's] just like you're seeing all these carbon copies of your brother, and because he left such an impression with his style on so many different generations — and, still, this generation — and to see them try to mimic him to the T and doing an incredible job at it as if he was the one that taught them — 'No, this is how you do it' — and to see them look so close to his movement, it just touched me. It really touched me."

-Janet Jackson discussing the deep emotional journey she went on while creating the tribute to her brother at the MTV Video Music Awards. Janet gives a candid interview and takes viewers behind the scenes in "The Making of Janet Jackson's Video Music Awards Tribute Performance," which airs Saturday (September 19) at 12:30 p.m. on MTV. The show will include a lengthy sit-down with Jackson as well as footage of the planning and rehearsal stages.