The Curtain Rises On Green Day's 'American Idiot' Musical

When Green Day's American Idiot first dropped in 2004, it was no just a career renaissance but a total reinvention for the band, who had made their name constructing snotty three-minute songs about getting high but had made the transition to an actual adult rock band. They became a go-to group for writing about tragedy and loss, which is a transition very few bands have ever made.

This week they took another step in their evolution with the premiere of a musical based around the music of American Idiot. The show opened at the Berkeley Repertory Theater (not far from where the band played their first gigs) and essentially follows the narrative of a character named Jesus of Suburbia and also incorporates other songs in Green Day's book, including tracks from this year's 21st Century Breakdown. Though the show has opened to middling reviews, it remains a fresh step for Green Day, who continue to evolve in ways that "Longview" never suggested.

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