David Boreanaz Welcomes Cyndi Lauper To Tonight's 'Bones' Premiere, Will Not Rap

We always sort of figured that David Boreanaz had some sort of hidden talent. Considering his performance of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" on "Angel," we figured there was an untapped well of musical talent lurking somewhere below the exterior. We just didn't realize he was a rapper. That is until he started sharing how Cyndi Lauper is guest-starring on the "Bones" season premiere tonight, that's when we stumbled on his other secret skill.

"We have Cyndi Lauper in our first episode," he explained to MTV News, adding that she was chosen after co-star Emily Deschanel sang one of her songs during a previous episode of "Bones." "How cool is that? She plays a tarot-card reader. She was fantastic. Are you kidding me?"

And although Boreanaz has never crooned on "Bones," he did tell us he sang with Lauper while on set. "I sang with her, like in between takes. Just stuff. A little Sinatra, nothing too heavy," he said. "I rapped for her, but she didn't like my rap."

We tried to get Boreanaz to rap for little old us, but all he would say is that "it's disturbing" and that we wouldn't want to see it. Doesn't he realize that disturbing really works on a Thursday? Why else would we always watch the one-two punch of "Bones" and "Fringe"?