'Kanye West Interrupts': The Internet Keeps On Giving

In the wake of the Kanye West stage-crashing incident at this past Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, the online world has been buzzing about West's actions, which clearly struck a nerve among the typing proletariat. There was the "Kanye interrupts Obama" clip (which made its way online seemingly moments after Kanye was ushered off the stage at Radio City Music Hall), and yesterday we took a look at the "Kanye intrudes on famous photos" meme (which only keeps growing). Though the man has apologized profusely and even vanished from his blog for a few days, the Web continues to pile on, partially in defense of Taylor Swift and partially because it only keeps getting funnier.

For example, you can now make Kanye drop in on any Web page you choose with Kanyelicious, which allow Kanye to crash just about any party he wants. (Really, it's just like Bacolicious, but that doesn't mean it isn't fantastic.)

Plenty of video has been generated as well. In another collision of Internet tropes, Kanye had a run-in with Keyboard Cat, which leaves the ivory-tickling kitty as confused and put off as Swift was on Sunday. He also decided to ruin Angry Emo Kid's day. Playing off the Obama interruption, it makes perfect sense that he would also drop in on one of George W. Bush's old addresses. You know who else was shocked by Kanye West? Harry Potter. And if Mario thinks he can just beat Bowser and the save Princess Toadstool, he's got another thing coming.

There are even mad geniuses out there plying fancier forms of craft, like the folks who mashed together Serena Williams' U.S. Open meltdown with the VMA incident. (Want the non-animated version? No problem.) But we keep coming back to ImaLetYouFinish.com, which keeps churning out photo montages that throws Kanye into protests, Cubs games and at least one horror movie.