'The Ultimate Fighter' Has A New Fan: Paramore's Hayley Williams

Last night, the Ultimate Fighting Championship premiered the debut episode of the new season of "The Ultimate Fighter." The reality show, now in its tenth season, is just like "Project Runway," except instead of worrying about draping and tulle, the guys on "The Ultimate Fighter" just beat the tar out of each other. This year's model splits 16 heavyweights (all dudes weighing between 206 and 265 pounds) between two teams coached by former UFC champs Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. In the past few years, UFC has gone from a niche sport to a national phenomenon, and plenty of celebrity fans have become hardcore enthusiasts. Mandy Moore is a regular at live shows, Paris Hilton has been spotted hanging around fighters and even Michael Jackson went to an event or two in Las Vegas. But last night, just before the show went on the air, an unlikely fan tweeted about her enthusiasm about the new season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

"The Ultimate Fighter season premiere ... Right now, folks!" Paramore's Hayley Williams wrote on her Twitter page. She then followed up with two responses to followers who had expressed interest in her enthusiasm for mixed martial arts. "Rashad and Rampage just picked dudes for their teams. Rampage got Kimbo. Aaaand commercial break!" she wrote later. ("Kimbo" refers to Kimbo Slice, the street-fighting legend who is a cast member this season.) She followed that with "It's so awesome!!! I love watching this stuff. They train so damn hard. Imma learn so I can beat up little kids. Kidding."

Her fandom for cage fighting must at least be in part because of boyfriend and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, who trains mma himself. (His band's latest album Not Without a Fight borrowed heavily from UFC in its imagery and promos.) But in a sea of jacked up dudes, it's always nice to see the ladies get in on the action. Perhaps she can start training, bulk herself up and challenge Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos?