All-American Rejects Arrive At VMAs With Marching Band, Parade Float

There were several memorable arrivals at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, including Lady Gaga showing up with a Muppet on her arm, Pink cruising in a fire truck and Taylor Swift emerging from a horse-drawn carriage. But one of the arrivals was so big it simply couldn't fit in the confines of the preshow. Before storming Radio City Music Hall, sitting in with house band Wale and UCB and voicing their opinions about Kanye West, the All-American Rejects brought along a marching band and arrived at the red carpet on a massive parade float.

The band eased their way to the VMA red carpet on the very patriotic-looking float as the two-dozen member marching band played the group's hit "Gives You Hell." Once the conveyance stopped, frontman Tyson Ritter (dressed in a red suit, obviously before he donned his all-glitter ensemble), drummer Chris Gaynor and guitarists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty emerged from the vehicle and hit the red carpet. Ritter gave the MTV cameras some devil horns before greeting fans and heading into the venue for the show.


After taking some time off for the show, the Rejects head back out on the road on Friday to re-join the Blink-182 reunion tour. They'll stick with them for the rest of the U.S. stretch of the tour and then head over to Europe for another set of dates before returning to the States for a tour with Taking Back Sunday. Though the group wasn't nominated for any awards on Sunday, their in-house performance coupled with their larger-than-life arrival made it a memorable night for the Oklahoma quartet.