Vampire Weekend's Contra Album Cover Inspires Deep Thoughts

Five random thoughts while looking at the cover of Vampire Weekend's brand new album, Contra (which will be released on January 12, 2010).

1) If there's a better way to sum up Vampire Weekend's entire musical output — nay, the totality of their aesthetic and world view — than with a picture of a towheaded Connecticut WASP wearing a piqued Polo, well, then I am not aware of it.

2) Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. Brrring!

3) This photo is amazing because, though it looks like it was taken at somebody's graduation party at Tavern on the Green in, say, 1983, there is still roughly a 50 percent chance that it was actually taken last week in some bar in Williamsburg or Silverlake. In fact, it would not shock me if the latter were the case, and the photographer was actually Terry Richardson or the Cobra Snake ...

4) … and, to that end, are Vampire Weekend really trying to say that everything — music, fashion, you name it — is cyclical, and as such, they are not plundering the mines of Peter Gabriel or Paul Simon, but rather, ushering their worldbeat-embracing pastel tones back into the mainstream? That they're just doing the inevitable, and that time marches on, forever, in some endless, looping infinity sign, and there is no way of knowing if we're on the downstroke or the upswing of the helix, and that none of that really matters, since we're all going to die someday anyway?

5) Clambakes!

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