Having Conquered 'Twilight,' Muse Targets 'James Bond'

By Cara Alwill

Muse have been receiving a lot of attention lately, and after their performance at Sunday's Video Music Awards, they are becoming more and more of a household name. Though the UK band are about to release their fifth album (the sprawling The Resistance), they picked the bulk of their career attention when they joined Paramore, Linkin Park and others on the soundtrack to "Twilight" film. Now that they've picked up a little clout, drummer Dom Howard discusses their desire to appear on another soundtrack: the one that will accompany the upcoming James Bond film.

Howard told BBC News that the band would be enthusiastic about contributing their music to the film. "It's something we'd probably say yes to, or at least give it a good go," he said. "Certainly some of our music fits with the James Bond vibe — and I think it could work.”

Many top-tier artists have taken a stab at recording the Bond theme. Most recently, Alicia Keys and Jack White recorded "Another Way to Die" for "Quantum of Solace" in 2008. Muse would represent the first British band to record the Bond theme since Duran Duran contributed 1985's "A View To a Kill."

As for which song would be the best fit for the film, Howard says, "'United States of Eurasia' could have worked but it's probably a bit late for that now." There's no question Muse would love to record at least a song for the album, but could possibly be interested in scoring the film, as well. "Matt [Bellamy] did the end credits for a film called 'The International,'" said Howard. "It's not something we've done as a band, but we sometimes get asked for that kind of thing. I think if you can find a director you can really relate to, and it's a great film, and you know you can work well together, then it could be a possibility."