Madonna Talks About Lourdes, Accidentally Creeped Out At VMAs

There are only a few people at MTV who have ever interviewed Madonna. And all the people who have interviewed Madonna all have a certain prestigious history with the network: Kurt Loder, John Norris, a high-level producer here and there.

So you could imagine my surprise when, in the middle of my VMA backstage broadcast for V-Cast Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, a dude in the press department ran up to me and said, "Dude. Madonna. Now."


The interview went really well. Hell, I'd even say amazingly well. I know this because Madonna's longtime press guru didn't tackle me after our chat veered into zany territory. Watching the tape back, I have to say Madonna seemed to enjoy herself. She was an amazing sport when I asked her a million questions about Lady Gaga. She shared her legendary lightning-fast wit with me. And my producer made her cackle at one point. Score!

But I think I might have creeped her out when I admitted I was obsessed with her 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes. In fact, I know I did. Because Madonna told me.


In my defense, I'm not obsessed with Lourdes in any seedy way. I just find her newly-emerging public persona to be really exciting. She has a funky fashion sense and she just made an appearance in her mom's new video. It seems like Lourdes is dipping her toe into the fame pool. I meant to ask Madonna a legitimate question about Lourdes but instead what came out was, "Are you creeped out that I'm obsessed with your daughter?"

Sorry, Madonna! I promise next time I get to interview you I'll be more prepared and ask you all about your upcoming greatest hits album. But admit it: You had fun with me, right?