50 Cent Teaches Street Wisdom To ... Rachael Ray?

By Jayson Rodriguez

50 Cent is peddling his new book, "The 50th Law," a collaboration with author Robert Greene in which they present a strategy for achieving a fear-free life, whether in the boardroom or on the block.

Fif definitely preaches what he speaks.

The G-Unit rapper appeared on "Rachael Ray," of all places, on Wednesday morning (September 16) to promote his project, taking square aim at the, er, coveted housewives market. They're desperate, right? Fif must think so.

But the New York native, clad in a gray suit with a purple shirt and tie, charmed the host nonetheless, toying with his gangster image by joking with Ray that they should start a Tupperware line together.

"We can talk right after the show," she responded. "I'll make some time for that."

Guess he ain't never scared?