Chris Brown Has A Rough Twitter Day

After ducking out of the spotlight while the story about his assault on Rihanna was at its peak, Chris Brown has gradually been returning to the public eye. Sure, he appeared on "Larry King Live," but a lot of his comeback has come via Twitter. He recently linked to the just-premiered video for Ester Dean's "Drop It Low" (which features a guest spot from Brown as well as an introduction from NBA superstar LeBron James — logical, as the song comes from the soundtrack to the film "More Than a Game," a documentary about his high school hoops team).

But last night he put up a link to another video clip, this time featuring photos of him and Rihanna set to his song "Changed Man." He added the note "Sorry y'all, just one of those days" in the tweet. He also tweeted, "My heart is incomplete ... The part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family ... god. But I'm missing someone or something." Most people believed that the "something missing" was Rihanna, but that message was deleted from his Twitter shortly after going up and replaced with an angrier missive, originally written in all caps: "I ain't postin' s--- else about me (personally). I'm so over all this bulls---." Since then, Brown's tweets have been mostly innocuous, though he did note today that he will be conducting some community service as a part of his plea deal in the Rihanna assault case. Plenty of stars have written off Twitter in the past, but it rarely sticks. We'll see how long Brown can last without putting himself out there again. In the meantime, he premiered his new Web site (a sort of Kanye-esque approach to having a pop culture blog) and remains hard at work on his new album Graffiti, which is due some time next year.