Happy Birthday, Nick Jonas: Wake-Up Video

A cake with 17 candles on it should be given to Nick Jonas today, as one third of the Jonas Brothers will be celebrating his birthday. It's incredible to think that one of the voices behind four hugely successful albums, a hit TV show, a much-beloved Disney movie and countless sold out concerts isn't even of legal voting age yet. Nick is the philanthropist of the trio, as his own diabetes drove him to spearhead the group's support of a number of charities that seek to help kids cope with and maintain juvenile diabetes. (He recently spoke on the subject at the National Press Club luncheon in Washington, D.C.) Nick also has one of the more intriguing personal lives of the three JoBros, as he has been fellow Disney superstar Miley Cyrus' on-again, off-again boyfriend for several years. In the coming months, he'll serve as one of the best men (along with other brother Joe) at oldest brother Kevin's wedding. In the meantime, the seemingly always-on-tour Brothers will do some jet-setting at the end of October, where they will make a brief run through South America before heading on a European tour that will take them to Paris, Stockholm, Zurich and Dublin, among other places. Not bad for a 17-year-old kid.

So much is made about the Jonas Brothers' acting, personal lives and general heartthrobbery that it sometimes seems like their music is an afterthought. But through the band's four albums, they've managed to establish themselves as a formidable pop-rock outfit who borrow heavily from the likes of Cheap Trick, the Cars and other bands from power pop's golden age. Nick's knack for developing melodies is uncanny, and he delivers his lyrics with just the right balance of sweetness and snap. "Paranoid" represents not only the group's strongest single to date but also their most impressive video, proving that the band's visual style is maturing along with their records.