Did Kanye West's 'Leno' Apology Work? The Oh Snap! Poll

On last night's premiere of "The Jay Leno Show," the host welcomed Kanye West to the stage for a three minute chat about his storming the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. West was already scheduled for the show as its first musical guest (later, he joined Jay-Z and Rihanna for a blistering blast of "Run This Town"), but Leno made it sound like West wanted to take some time to talk about Sunday night's incident. While he never actually said the words "I'm sorry," he did acknowledge the rudeness of his actions and seemed to have some genuine remorse over what happened. He even hinted that he might need to take some time off to re-evaluate some things in his life. This was the third of a total of four apologies, but the Jay Leno visit was the most public and talked-about.

Just about everybody has voiced an opinion in one way or another, but we wanted to know what was on the minds of the public. So we hit the streets and talked to a random sampling of fans to find out whether or not they believed West's apology.


The hilariously unscientific results are in, and it appears as though West's road to redemption runs straight uphill. 68 percent of the people we spoke to said they weren't buying West's apology, with most of those suggesting that while he may have meant it, that doesn't mean he wouldn't do it again. West still has his supporters, though, and the 32 percent of people who responded to our question said that they would still support West despite his unfortunate actions at the VMAs.