iJustine's First VMAs: Taylor Swift And Tweets

By iJustine

I had the most amazing time attending the MTV Video Music Awards this week. This was my first one ever, and when you watch something like this on TV, you never realize just how much work goes into producing such a huge show. Getting to see everything as it happened was amazing.

Being that most of the time I'd much rather check out the technology behind the show than chat with celebs, I had the best seat in the house. I got to see how all of the screens were created, an inside view of the trucks that produced the show and the red carpet as it was being built.

Another great thing about VMA week was everyone has to rehearse at some point for their performance. Since I was helping host the preshow to talk about the Twitter trends, I was around all the time and got to see one of my favs, Taylor Swift, get ready for her big performance. She even gave me a wave while I was hanging out up on the Radio City marquee!

But my favorite thing was actually getting to interact with you all during the preshow. We were tracking everything that you guys said about the show on Twitter about the show and the reaction was insane! Being able to watch the show in a completely different light was an amazing thing. Some of my favorite tweets revolved around Shakira and Pink wearing the same dress. From on top of Radio City, they looked identical, but I had to take it to the tweets to see if that was the case. I hope you guys enjoyed the Twitter interaction, and keep tweeting!