Lady Gaga, Kermit The Frog And I Chill At The VMAs

Lady Gaga is the truth. Some people may not be able to comprehend her eccentric ways, but you can not deny her artistic talents. There aren't many entertainers in pop music that I consider the full package — i.e., anybody who can sing, write songs, dance, produce and still be fun to watch, but she is the rare star who can pull it off.

Now it appears to me that she is also a fun date, too! At least that is the impression I got when I heard her banter back and forth with the one and only Kermit the Frog. I know it was staged, but I love a woman with a great sense of humor. I admit it was a bit awkward interviewing a Muppet on the red carpet at the VMAs, but how many people can say that they actually did that? It was like interviewing an old friend that you grew up with.


Off-camera, Lady Gaga was very personable and — dare I say it? — normal. We first met years ago when she was an aspiring artist, but I wasn't sure if she'd remember me. But she did. When a career takes off as hers has, it's understandably hard to remember everyone that you encounter when you're on your freshman grind. She told me that her red carpet outfit was a bit restricting, so it was a little difficult to simply turn her neck to see what was around her. She also expressed that she was happy that we mentioned her fans, because that is what it's all about for her. I thought that her humility was refreshing, especially considering the unforeseeable stage-jacking by another artist that took place later on during the big show. The bottom line is this: I'm looking forward to what Lady Gaga brings us in the future.