The All-American Rejects Thought Kanye West Was 'Rude' At The VMAs

In professional wrestling, sometimes beloved heroes will do something that turns them evil and makes the crowd absolutely hate them. It's referred to as a "heel turn," and last night's Video Music Awards featured a classic turn from Kanye West. What at first seemed like a charming lark (maybe he just wanted to meet Taylor Swift?) quickly turned ugly when West started talking about how much better the Beyoncé video was before storming off the stage and flipping off the crowd. A bewildered Swift wandered away, clearly confused and upset.

It was the defining moment of last night's show (complete with a heroic save at the end of the show care of Beyoncé), and just about everybody weighed in on the incident. A number of stars voiced their opinions via Twitter, but just as many spoke about it with MTV News. Jim Cantiello caught up with Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler of the All-American Rejects to discuss what went down. The band was fresh off of their performance with Wale and the house band (where Ritter decided that his fashion statement would involve little more than silver body glitter) and they were fired up. "That was just plain rude," said Wheeler. "But there are a lot of rude people out there," added Ritter. "I think everybody has rude moments. But she's like 15. Who picks on 15-year-olds?" (Swift is actually 19, but let's not split hairs.) Ritter added, "God knows I have! But I always apologize." West did issue an apology later on in the evening; let's hope that the boys from the Rejects found it suitable.