We're Live Blogging From The 2009 VMAs Red Carpet!

After weeks of anticipation, the time has come to get the party started off right. Welcome to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards! We'll begin by live-blogging the preshow, giving you the inside scoop on all the big arrivals, awesome fashion and unpredictable moments that are bound to flood the red carpet outside Radio City Music Hall. So join MTV correspondents Jocelyn Vena, James Montgomery, Shaheem Reid and Tamar Anitai, get your refresh button ready and let the Newsroom take you through what will be an unforgettable night.

8:59 - That's enough out of us. To keep following along, head on over to the VMA live blog over at Buzzworthy. And stay tuned for the post-show!

8:57 - Sway hands out the award for Best Video That Should Have Won a Moonman. The prize goes to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage." A deserving win. Get well soon, MCA.

8:55 - Beyoncé makes a splash on the carpet with her hair done curly and wearing red ruffles. Her interview with Tim Kash is nearly hijacked by her security. Beyoncé is looking forward to Lady Gaga and the Michael Jackson tribute.

8:53 - According to Jim Cantiello, Joe Jackson is the biggest celebrity in the room, and a bunch of celebs have come up to him to pay their respects.

8:51 - Moment of the night: Buzz Aldrin busting a rhyme on the red carpet and saying he likes rap. He also met Swizz Beatz, and they discussed art.

8:50 - J.Lo is here in a beige strapless dress and leopard shoes. She's also wearing a ton of bling, including hot earrings.

8:48 - From Hayley Williams' Twitter: "Radio City!! I remember when 'NSYNC and Britney performed here around school desks and killed it."

8:47 - According to iJustine, Shakira and Pink are wearing the same dress. So speak out, commenters: Who wore it better?

8:46 - Wale and the house band are starting, and Radio City just went from "intense" to "on fire." Wale says, "We gonna burn this motherf----- down."

8:45 - Jermaine Jackson says even he doesn't know what the tribute is going to look like. Earlier, Joe Jackson walked very soberly into Radio City.

8:39 - Cobra Starship pull up in a double-decker bus and declare that they want to make Taylor Swift "go bad." Good luck with that.

8:37 - Kristin Cavallari says she's presenting with Nelly Furtado tonight. Excellent combination!

8:34 - Adam Brody walks up next, tailed by a beefy-looking Timbaland.

8:33 - Alicia Keys promises to "burn the place down" during her performance with Jay-Z tonight. Here's hoping Pink's fire truck stuck around!

8:31 - Currently taking their seats in the house: Hayley Williams (who is stopping to chat with Pete Wentz) and Patrick Stump. On his way in, Wentz took a deep swig from Kanye's bottle of Hennessey as — no kidding — Kelly Clarkson's lyric "Sweetheart put the bottle down" (from "I Do Not Hook Up") blared over the PA.

8:29 - Justin Bieber is apparently rolling with Diddy tonight. Mr. Combs is wearing a black suit with white piping.

8:25 - Taylor Swift arrives in a horse-drawn carriage. Taylor Swift looks phenomenal in an asymmetrical silver sparkly gown. So glam! She also claims her horses' names are "V" and "MA."

8:20 - Justin Bieber just hugged Keri Hilson, which was a little scary because he only came up to her chest (which is mostly exposed thanks to her unzipped shirt).

8:19 - Buzz Aldrin says peeing on the moon is better than peeing on Earth. He would know!

8:17 - Taylor Lautner tells Ashley Greene he is excited to see Taylor Swift and Janet Jackson. He says he hasn't seen the "New Moon" trailer, so he's just as excited for it as the fans are.

8:15 - Just so you know, Lady Gaga is wearing a designer neck brace.

8:14 - Lady Gaga gives Kermit the Frog a kiss as he hands her a credential for the evening. Kermit: "Piggy and I are just friends." Gaga: "Miss Piggy has been sending me some pretty funny text messages."

8:12 - Pink says she'll be "hanging from things" during her performance tonight. This after she hopped off a fire truck (and Tim Kash nearly got flattened by a fire fighter). Is she wearing the same dress as Shakira? If she is, she might actually be wearing it better.

8:10 - Chace Crawford! He's wearing a black suit, white button-down and no tie. All hotness. Swoon!

8:09 - Shakira shouts out Crystal Castles on the red carpet, and calls Lady Gaga this generation's Grace Jones.

8:08 - We hardly noticed Kanye West because he was standing next to Amber Rose, who is wearing a snakeskin bodysuit.

8:07 - Lady Gaga's date: Kermit the Frog! Miss Piggy is going to be profoundly upset.

8:05 - Jim Cantiello reveals some backstage footage, including a bedazzled wheelchair. What could that be for?

8:03 - Green Day tell Ashley Greene there will be "a lot of chaos" at their performance tonight.

8:00 - The preshow is now live! Shakira is here in a very short, very black, very sparkly strapless dress.

7:55 - Buzz Aldrin, the original Moonman, is here. He's boasting about his rap career and is wearing a Moonman on his tie. For an old guy, he looks pretty sharp.

7:53 - Lady Gaga creates the biggest frenzy of the night so far with her crocheted black dress, feathers and a gold "Phantom of the Opera" mask. She surveys the chaos with a detached, almost creepy cool.

7:51 - Pete Wentz is threatening to reveal Gabe Saporta's phone number if he doesn't treat him right tonight. In fact, he's wearing a T-shirt that has his number on it (underneath his goth jacket, of course).

7:49 - Perez on Lady Gaga's performance tonight: "Expect some special effects." Cryptic!

7:47 - The All-American Rejects arrived on a truck with a marching band. Lead singer Tyson Ritter must be very secure in his manhood — he's wearing a hot-pink suit!

7:44 - Perez Hilton is wearing pink, crushed-velvet culottes, yellow Doc Martens, a floral blazer and no shirt. Hayley Williams follows behind, grabs him and tells him she loves his shoes. Hilton tells her he loves her outfit. Meanwhile, Green Day do synchronized poses at the step-and-repeat (as photogs yell, "Right!" they all turn right in perfect unison). It's sort of hypnotic.

7:40 - Paramore just showed up! Pop punk is everywhere! Hayley is wearing a mod-looking black-and-white leather skirt with black T-shirt. Super hot!

7:39 - Fall Out Boy just arrived! Pete Wentz is very goth in all black from head to toe. The other guys are also rocking cardigans, button-downs and blazers.

7:38 - Jack Black shows up clutching a massive battle ax. He's wearing fake muscles (complete with fake armpit hair) and a serious mullet. He swings the ax at the photographers. Apparently, he is doing all this is for his video game "Brutal Legend" (so says his T-shirt), but it's possible he's just gone insane.

7:37 - Tracy Morgan says he's most looking forward to seeing Janet Jackson and just declared, "MJ is in the building!"

7:34 - Whitney Port is here in a very edgy dress. It's strapless, sheer and very short. Wow!

7:32 - The cast of "Fame" are talking about underwear right now, and it's a little uncomfortable.

7:29 - Andy Samberg just hit the carpet, rocking his dork-chic look with glasses and a button-down shirt.

7:28 - 3OH!3 are here looking dapper in black suits and carrying roses. How sweet!

7:26 - With everybody distracted by Katy Perry, the guys from Muse slip by undetected. All Time Low follow behind them, followed by Tracy Morgan (in a white T-shirt) and Wale, who is wearing a massive crushed-velvet bow tie and matching cap.

7:22 - Solange Knowles is here in a dress eerily similar to Melody's from the PCD: black and with plenty of spandex!

7:18 - Twinsie alert! Kristin Cavallari is also here in silver sparkles. However, hers is a basic tube dress that is really anything but basic. Silver sparkles are the new black, apparently.

7:17 - Katy Perry is here, looking fierce in silver sparkles with an incredible asymmetrical hemline and big hair. Perhaps she woke up in Vegas?

7:13 - Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton is here, wearing a skintight black dress. Kid Sister is close behind her in a bedazzled Aaliyah T-shirt.

7:08 - Fefe Dobson has arrived. She's doing punk chic with leggings, leopard ankle boots and a tartan blazer.

7:05 - The cast of "Fame" is here. What a large group! The guys look hip and sleek in black and gray, and the ladies are all sporting sparkles.

7:00 - OK Go are making their way down the carpet. They're all smiles and look gentlemanly in gray suits.

6:57 - Ashley Greene just emerged in her second outfit of the night: Black silk top, avant-garde cranberry skirt and pinstriped tights.

6:53 - Robert Pattinson isn't even here yet, but some of the girls in the fan area have already started chanting, "Robert! Robbbbb-berrrrrt! Robbbb-berrrrrrrt!"

6:46 - Jimmy Fallon just tweeted a view of the carpet from his office window. He'll probably be making his way down soon.

6:44 - The seat fillers are making their way into the house. A few of them muttered, "Oh my God!" when they got their first look at the NYC-themed stage. Word!

6:38 - A fan across the street from the red carpet is holding a homemade sign that says, "Taylor, we love you 30 pounds bigger." We assume they mean Lautner and not Swift?

6:32 - "The Hills" star Lo Bosworth gets the punctuality award, as she's literally the second celeb to walk. (Maria Menounos was first.)

6:30 - The red carpet has opened, and the night's fashion correspondent, Ashley Greene, is all dazzled up in a gold skirt, black top with ruffles and exposed zipper in the back. She's rocking killer zebra shoes. This will be her first look of the night.

6:00 - Ashley Greene is no more than 40 inches in front of me. Her hair is in a kind of Winehouse beehive, except much saner.

5:21 - Tweet from Taylor Swift: "@katyperry I'm gonna come say hi as soon as I get back there. I love you like I love sparkly dresses."

Earlier today - Lady Gaga arrived (rather inconspicuously, especially in Gaga terms), popping out of a black SUV wearing a skintight black dress, black shades and a black hat that circled her head like the rings of Saturn, flanked by a team of beefy security guards.

Earlier today - Right behind Gaga, looking slightly overwhelmed, was pint-size pop star Justin Bieber, who looked like he had just wrapped a session at a nearby skate park. Despite that, the assembled throng of preteen fans squealed with delight, snapping pictures as Bieber was hustled inside Radio City's 50th Street entrance. He'll be back later to reward the winner of the Justin Bieber shout-out contest.

Earlier today - Spotted Leighton Meester in jeans and drop-dead gorgeous stilettos. Also saw Taylor Swift in a blue dress with gold buttons entering Radio City. It's on!