VMA Preparation Begins Outside Radio City Music Hall

VMA week has officially kicked off! The Radio City Music Hall marquee has been changed, the trailers and trucks have been rolled in and the endless flats of water are being loaded in as we speak. (We all know how “dehydrated” celebs get, so it’s good MTV is taking the necessary precautions.)

When I stalked the VMA producers inside the venue, they all remained frustratingly mum about Sunday night’s big surprises. What will Lady Gaga’s set look like? How will Taylor Swift make a big impression in her VMA performance debut? And what will Janet do? Yeah, I got no scoop from the tight-lipped execs.

So I headed outside to 51st Street, where the crew was busy loading in everything. Maybe they delivered a big box of koalas or a unicorn for Gaga? Or a guitar for Tay-Tay?


Sadly, I didn’t get much scoop there either. However I did get to meet some of the characters who make up the VMA 2009 crew. For example, there was Kate Gosselin the Security Guard. (I forgot her real name, but I can definitely recall her signature coif.) She said she wasn’t in the mood to tackle anyone. And then there was executive assistant Ashley Mastronardi, who was on her way to meet up with her boss, Dave Sirulnick. Dave and the VMA team wanted to keep the VMA set under wraps, so they had us promise we wouldn’t air any footage until today.

That veil of secrecy ended up being somewhat of a moot point, as security accidentally kept two stage doors wide open, revealing the set to anybody who wanted a peek, including two fashionistas on their way to Fifth Avenue. “Oooh, look the VMA stage! I wonder if that British guy is in there practicing?” (I assume they were talking about host Russell Brand. Or maybe they were R-Patz fanatics.)

So NYers who want a taste, stop by 51st and sneak a peek! Don’t worry: As long as Kate Gosselin’s on security detail, you won’t get tackled.

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