The Video Music Awards Set: A Sneak Peek

The 2009 Video Music Awards are taking over New York City, but judging from the set of this year’s VMAs, you might say that New York City is taking over the VMAs. There are fire escape set pieces on both sides of the stage, which will apparently be filled with hundreds of fans. And you can’t forget that the show will be hosted at Radio City Music Hall, one of the most historic venues in Manhattan.

I recently got the first look at the set and was totally blown away. The timing of my entrance was perfect. Just as I walked into the house, the crew was testing the strobe lights and spotlight. Then the bright fluorescent panels that tangle around the fire escape scaffolding started flashing like a Japanese Anime cartoon. It looked both intense and beautiful. To keep with the New York theme, I felt like an immigrant going through Ellis Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. “Woooowwwww, I can’t wait to bring my whole family here!”

And that was before the giant screen was lit. The back wall of the stage is a massive television screen that will project insane graphics throughout the show. While I was there all I could see were color bars, but man, they were the largest color bars I have ever seen! It was a video geek’s dream.


I’m beyond happy that the VMAs have returned to New York City and are back at Radio City Music Hall. Don’t get me wrong: I had way too much fun hanging out at the Paramount lot last year, but I wasn’t a fan about how small the room looked. Radio City seats thousands — yes, thousands! So between the capacity, the elaborate stage and the top-shelf lineup, the energy is going to be through the roof!

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