Megan Fox Goes A Little Mad: The MTV Quote Of The Day

“I wanted to try and be honest and truthful on camera as much as I could at that time, and if people receive that as a better performance than I gave in ’Transformers,’ then good for me. If not, then, I mean, f—’em. I’m insane. Sometimes I’m great, and other times I’m a complete lunatic. And I think for the entirety of this shoot, you could categorize me as lunatic.”

“Jennifer’s Body” hottie Megan Fox talking about her goals and her mood on the set of the forthcoming horror movie, which is written by “Juno” scribe Diablo Cody and directed by “Aeon Flux” helmer Karyn Kusama. Fox is also the subject of the new series “Behind the Screen,” which debuts tomorrow night on MTV and will feature exclusive clips from “Ninja Assassin,” the first look at “Clash of the Titans” and the complete interview with Fox.

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