Whitney Houston Leads Us Down The Rabbit Hole: Wake-Up Video

Yesterday, the big buzz in the Newsroom surrounded Whitney Houston and her performance on yesterday’s episode of “Good Morning America.” Houston’s run through four songs was equal parts amazing, confusing, cringe-inducing and impressive. It sparked a lot of conversation about Houston’s career and the extreme peaks and valleys. As a result, we tapped into the deep MTV Networks tape archive to take a look at some of Houston’s television highlights, and we stumbled on an amazing piece of tape: The 1995 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, which Houston hosted. It was an immediate nostalgia trip for most everybody in the office and reminded us of the existence of stars like Taran Noah Smith from “Home Improvement” and the Mowry twins from “Sister, Sister.” It also featured some clearly tongue-in-cheek editing, most notably from whoever cut the package that introduced the “Favorite Movie Actress” category. Sally Field was nominated for her role in “Forrest Gump,” and what clip did they use during the nomination package? The scene where Field (playing Gump’s mother) offers sex to the school principal. You’re welcome, kids!

Houston’s hosting performance was excitable but totally reasonable, but she was upstaged by a trio of amazing musical performances. A 16-year-old Brandy sang her way through the crowd, Soul for Real crooned their infections hit “Candy Rain” and Montell Jordan brought out a cleaned-up version of “This Is How We Do It.” That song — which contains decidedly kid-unfriendly lines like “I reach for my 40/ And I pull it up/ Designated driver take the keys to my truck” — was a gigantic hit for Jordan. He had a great 1995: Not only did he get to perform on the Kids Choice Awards, he was also nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards and was also nominated for a Grammy. And you know what? “This Is How We Do It” holds up.