Aziz Ansari Helps Jay-Z And Kanye West Stick It To Mixtape DJs

You know it’s happened to you: You download a new Eminem freestyle or a Lil Wayne remix, but then when you click “Play” all you get is a terrible mixtape DJ shouting over the track about how dope it actually is. Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari (star of “Funny People” and TV’s “Parks and Recreation”) is fed up with them too, which is why he took the Jay-Z and Kanye West track “Hate” and talked all over it as a way to send-up those guys who are always shouting “Exclusive!” West liked it so much that he posted the song to his own blog.

“New Jay-Z track, y’all. I’m about to yell all over the s—,” Ansari says at the beginning of the song. “Totally ruin it.” As the song continues, Jigga and West’s verses are kept low in the mix so that Ansari can talk about “Mad Men,” how he hates doing laundry, why he doesn’t like watching TV shows that aren’t in HD and what’s on the delicious turkey sub he has in the fridge. “This sandwich is dope! Blueprint 3! Turkey sub!” He even brings up Jay-Z’s attendance at Sunday’s Grizzly Bear concert in New York. “That s— was crazy!” says Ansari.

“Hate” is produced by Kanye West and appears on The Blueprint 3. The unmolested track made its way to the Internet on Monday, and Ansari added his own spice shortly thereafter. Here’s hoping for the Anzari/Kanye team-up — perhaps in a future episode of “Parks and Recreation” or on a skit on the next West record.

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