Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ Video: The Key Scene

Even though it’s attached to a greatest hits compilation, there is a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding Madonna’s new single, “Celebration.” The video premieres today on iTunes as a free download, and it’s a fantastic distillation of what has made Madonna so great for the length of her 25-year career. “Celebration” is an effervescent disco tune that runs in line with her Music era material, and the video features a group of good-looking Material Girl superfans dancing, flipping, exposing their abs and generally having a good time. What begins as a bunch of single poses eventually evolves into an all out pop-and-lock jam featuring most of the video’s “stars.”

Shot in Italy, “Celebration” represents her astonishing 70th career music video. And while it’s not nearly as elaborate as past clips like “Bedtime Story,” “Take a Bow” or “Music,” it certainly captures the energy of Madonna and distills her drawing power as an artist. Though she’s had dalliances with rock, hip-hop, show tunes and all brands of experimental electronic and world music, at heart Madonna remains the same disco queen who first moved crowds in clubs with songs like “Lucky Star,” “Everybody” and “Borderline.” Inviting fans along to do their best moves is a testament to her commitment to making your booty shake and your liver quiver.

“Celebration” comes from the greatest hits compilation of the same name, which will be officially released on September 22. It represents her final release on her longtime label Warner Bros., as she is moving on to a massive 360 deal with Live Nation.