Jason Mraz Hijacks His MTV News Interview At Outside Lands

Following a set of loose, groovy surf music, Jason Mraz stopped by the MTV News tent at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco to explain how a raw food restaurant inspired his album, the science behind his record-breaking smash "I'm Yours" and what he hopes his music inspires in his fans (which apparently has a lot to do with high-fives).

"I want people to high-five a stranger during my show," Mraz told us. He then proceeded to do just that, grabbing a passerby and bringing him into the interview. "How are you feeling today, man?" Mraz asked, suddenly auditioning for the job of MTV News correspondent. The guy he grabbed — who I later learned is the frontman for the Morning Benders — played right along, repeatedly high-fiving Mraz and talking about love. When Mraz had enough of him, he sent him away, only to make the hand phone gesture and mouth "Call me" after his exit.

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But the excitement surrounding Mraz didn't end there. By the end of the interview, a small crowd had noticed that we were talking to him and gathered in an area just below us. As soon as we wrapped up, people swarmed to grab photos and shout adoration in the singer-songwriter's direction. Feeling wrapped up by the moment, Mraz lifted his shirt to flash the crowd (which resulted in a big cheer) before disappearing into the backstage area. Mraz knows how to have a good time and knows what the people want, and on Saturday at Outside Lands, he was firing on all cylinders.