DJ AM Remembered By Tim Kash

By Daniel "Monty" Montalto

Shortly after DJ's AM's death, celebrity friends and fans took to Twitter to express their sorrow, and MTV News' own Sway Calloway shared his thoughts on the passing of the 36-year-old DJ, whom he called "revolutionary," "unselfish" and "a true music lover."

Sway was not Adam Goldstein's only fan at MTV News. Tim Kash recalled meeting DJ AM for the first time, live and on-air during the 2008 Video Music Awards post-show in Los Angeles. That night, DJ AM and Travis Barker had served as the show's house band, and Kash recalled grabbing DJ AM for an unplanned appearance.

"We were live on-air and I had to fill for time, so I just rolled up on him — I didn't know him", Kash recalled. "And I remember thinking how unfazed he was that we'd just shoved a camera in his face, because he was kind, he was charismatic, he was funny. He was a good guy and I remember that meeting very well."


"We spoke after that, and we would see each other out a lot and I would go and see him play," Kash remembered. "He was always cool, like effortlessly cool."

Upon hearing of DJ AM's death, Kash said the news was "very surreal initially, because it was only last year that we went through that whole tragedy of the plane crash. And to hear that he had died, I didn't believe it at first." Several phone calls and messages from mutual friends soon confirmed the tragic news.

As for DJ AM's legacy, Kash said that whenever he was behind the turntables, clubgoers always knew exactly what to expect, which was the unexpected: "You're gonna get a set that's very unique and very different, because he's going to play you things that you would never hear in a club," Kash said.

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