Incubus Get Inspired By My T-Shirt At Outside Lands

Just before they took the stage at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco yesterday, Incubus took some time out to lounge in their cabana and talk to MTV News about the dangers of putting together a greatest hits record, their various side projects and my T-Shirt.

"I'm excited about this dragon blowing out the birthday candles on your shirt," guitarist Mike Einziger said even before I could ask a question. "I like his little party hat." The shirt in question is a design from Threadless called "Wishless," which depicts a fire-breathing dragon attempting to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. It's a heartbreaking image because if you look close, there's a single tear running down his face. The joke is on him — he'll never blow those candles out. I bought it because it reflects my philosophy about birthdays: That no matter how hard you try (or many party hats you wear), something usually screws it up.

But the shirt became a sort of Rorschach test for the guys in the band, who quickly dreamed up other interpretations. "He's sitting in a big puddle of blood. Or she!" frontman Brandon Boyd said. Was Boyd suggesting that the pool of blood might be ... "Yes. That's why she's really crying," he said.

The band — who wrapped up a two-month tour of the United States with their set last night — revealed that they have hours of new material that they've experimented with during soundchecks on the tour, though it's unclear when they'll get around to recording a new album. In the meantime, Einziger is at work on a second project with the Los Angeles Philharmoic, which will also involve the Kronos Quartet, composer Terry Riley and Matmos. "There may even be dragons," Einziger said.

What do you see in my T-shirt?

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