Silversun Pickups Try To Keep Cool At Outside Lands Festival

The ink is dry on the schedules, the stages are built and the front doors have been thrown open on Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for the 2009 Outside Lands Festival. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Tenacious D and dozens of others will cover the festival's seven stages for the next 72 hours. San Francisco in August is typically a cool, balmy time, but the story backstage as the weekend begins is the heat.

"This is the weather we tried to get away from," Silversun Pickups frontman Brian Aubert said (his band is from currently-sweltering Los Angeles). They sat down early with MTV News to talk about their never-ending tour, the Beatles and their plan to turn the backstage area of Outside Lands into a watery oasis.

"We're having a pool party later," joked bassist Nikki Monninger. Asked if they really rolled that VIP here in San Francisco, Aubert added, "We don't have a pool, but we're going to fill out trailer with water. We don't know how to climb in, though. It'll be more of a tidal wave than anything else."

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Pool parties aside, the band also spent some quality time getting psyched for their afternoon set, watching Autolux and talking about sharing a stage with Built to Spill. "Doug Martsch is the greatest," Aubert said. "It's sick that we're playing the same stage as he is." The band has been playing plenty of stages, as their current tour has kept them on the road for months — and will keep them there for plenty more. "We have time off in May of 2010," Aubert said. "I'm not trying to be funny. That's really our schedule." The band didn't show any signs of wear during their heavy, fuzz-heavy set later in the afternoon, and eventually, everybody stopped sweating.