The Volturi: Awesome Or Not? The Oh Snap! Poll

By Adam Murphy

Lock your doors. Board up your windows. Flee for the countryside. THE VOLTURI ARE NEARLY UPON US! With the film adaptation of "New Moon" nigh at hand, these elite Italian vampires are literally salivating with anticipation, awaiting fresh necks to feed on.

And you'd better not scuff their Gucci loafers.

In honor of their impending arrival, we went out to New York’s Times Square today to put our finger to the pulse of the people. The Volturi: Awesomely dangerous? Dangerously awesome? Or just plain evil? Here's what Times Square had to say:


Recently we've been developing an even less scientific way of calculating poll statistics, of which today's Oh Snap! Poll is a shining example. Sixty percent of respondents say "Nuh-uh!" to the Volturi, citing lack of virtue, untrustworthiness and overall sucky-ness (sorry). One girl said, "In 'New Moon,' the Volturi are gonna be mad stupid." Mad stupid indeed! The 40 percent in favor of the Volturi cite their awesomeness, how awesome they are and also being really awesome.

What do you think? On a scale of zero to awesome, how awesome are the Volturi?