Britney Spears Fans Take The Ultimate Fan Quiz

With Britney Spears' epic three-night reign in Madison Square Garden concluding last night, MTV News correspondent Tim Kash decided that he'd go over to the Garden and see just how much the diehard Britney fans knew about their favorite pop princess.

As it turns out, the fans perhaps don't know as much about Britney as Tim does (which may be surprising only to people who don't know Tim personally).

Though most fans knew when Britney's birthday is or even came close to knowing the number of times she's performed at the VMAs, the facts the fans knew about other lesser-known aspects of Britney's life weren't as on the ball.

For instance, they weren't sure if Britney was in a girl group, what her second single was or the song she sang when she performed on "Star Search." So, here's your chance to see how much you know Ms. Spears herself. (And if you don't want to cheat, wait until after you take the quiz to watch the video.)


1. When is Britney's birthday?

a) December 5

b) November 3

c) December 2

2. What was Britney's second single?

a) "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

b) "Sometimes"

c) "Lucky"

3. How many times has Britney performed on the VMAs?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

4. What was the name of the female group that she was in before becoming a solo artist?

a) The Mickey Mouse Club

b) Innosense

c) Trick question — she was never in one!

5. What song did she sing on "Star Search"?

a) "Love Can Build a Bridge"

b) "I Will Always Love You"

c) "Hero"

Take the quiz, leave your answers in the comments section and watch the video to see if you know more than these Britney fans.