The Evolution Of Britney Spears: From Sexy Songbird To Circus Superstar

Britney Spears' triumphant three-night run at Madison Square Garden concludes tonight. Her wildly successful and fantastically entertaining Circus tour is back on the road after a brief break, and Spears will continue to cover North America before heading off to Australia later in the year. The Circus shows are an amazing spectacle, filled with dancers, an illusionist, pyrotechnics, gorgeous sets, flashy videos and a whole fleet of bicycles. But Spears didn't begin her career as the center of a big-budget arena show. In her decade-long career, Spears has gone through a number of phases as an artist, a performer and a celebrity. Her look has changed, too, as back in 1999 she relied on her schoolgirl persona and dressed accordingly. Her look evolved from that into the sexier, more confident, more adult style she currently flaunts. In between, she wore a snake as an accessory, donned a denim dress that matched then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, slipped into a wedding dress for a kiss with Madonna and even made maternity clothes look good.

No matter where she was in her career, Spears has always had a style all her own. Check out the complete evolution of Britney Spears in photos, including performances pictures, award show entrances and candid shots!