Will Chris Brown Break His Restraining Order? The Oh Snap! Poll

Yesterday in court, Chris Brown's punishment was made official: The singer cannot have any contact with former girlfriend Rihanna for a period of five years. The "stay away" order requires that he keep a distance of 100 yards from her at all times, unless they are at an industry event together, where the distance is reduced to 10 yards. Judge Patricia Schnegg made it clear to Brown that the order was mandated by the court and was not up to either he or Rihanna, but that she could look into options in order to try to modify it (though that could prove legally difficult).

Both are big stars and have a long, convoluted past, so it will be interesting to see how close to the law Brown stays for the duration of the order. We decided to hit the streets to ask fans what they thought about the order and whether or not Brown would break it. We stuck our MTV News microphones in the faces of some folks in Times Square, and they provided their thoughts.


The woefully unscientific results are in, and a strong majority — a full 78 percent — were confident that he would have some sort of contact with her. The reasons were all over the place. Many assumed that he would be able to circumvent it simply because he's a celebrity, while others put the onus on Rihanna with the assumption that she still has feelings for him. Of the 22 percent who assume that he'll stick to the letter of the law, most cited the fact that he would be putting his entire career and livelihood at risk by doing so.

What do you think: Will Chris Brown stay away from Rihanna, or will he go against the court's ruling? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to Your.MTV.com to make your voice heard!