Britney Spears' Circus Merchandise: Panties And Yo Mama

One of the things that stood out during my trip to the Britney Spears show at New York's Madison Square Garden last night was the variety of merchandise available. After going to the Nine Inch Nails show on Sunday (which had exactly one T-shirt option, and that option was misprinted), it was amazing to see the vastness of Spears' retail offerings. The collection was quite impressive. In addition to the standard T-shirt offerings (including a $40 sleeveless number that seemed to be extremely popular, worn by one of the fans in the video below), there were a number of inventive alternatives. The underwear was most impressive: There was a thong that read "It's Britney, B----" (a catch phrase uttered often in the MSG crowd) and a pair of booty shorts that displayed the title of Spears' controversial single "If U Seek Amy." Some of the choices were slightly more confusing, like the tattered green military-style hat. I saw it at a merch stand when I was walking into the venue and thought it was something that nobody would ever buy, but those things were everywhere. There was also a jersey-style pink T-shirt that read "It's Britney" on the front and "Yo Mama" with the number 22 on the back. (The "Yo Momma" phrase also showed up on a pair of shorts.)


But the topper was certainly the black Circus-themed jacket that had Spears' name on the front and a gothic script "B" on the back. The price? $150, and they were moving like hot cakes. But when MTV News talked to somebody who purchased the item, we found that it was an incredibly high-quality garment. Britney clearly knows her audience is fashion-conscious and won't settle for anything less than top-quality merchandise that can slide into their regular rotations — another savvy move that makes the Circus tour one of the most impressive spectacles of the year. Click here for a full gallery of Britney's tour merchandise, including panties, thongs and T-shirts!