Steven Tyler Wants Your Forgiveness: The MTV Quote Of The Day

"I'm dealing with the pain pretty good. I'm just so pissed — it was such a great tour. I had to ruin it all by falling and I'm sorry. I've said that to the fans and my band and everybody else. I f---ed up. I get in the zone when I'm onstage."

-Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler talking to Rolling Stone about the injuries that derailed his band's tour with ZZ Top. The 62-year-old singer slipped and fell back on August 6 following a show in South Dakota, and his injuries required a trip to the hospital and the subsequent cancellation of the remaining tour dates. Since then, he has been recovering and taking "all the drugs I'm not supposed to be on." (Tyler had a legendary substance abuse problem in the '70s.) Still, he says that the band will continue on once his body becomes fully functional again. "We're just one for all, all for one. It's probably why we've never quit. No one's got enough money!"