Colbie Caillat: Future Hip-Hop Diva?

By Nicole Guanlao

If someone was to ask me how I would describe Colbie Caillat's music, I'd have to say her tunes ooze happiness. I love to be happy, so it's no wonder that I'm a huge fan of this blonde beauty's work. Admit it! You had "Bubbly" on repeat! Imagine my elation when I got to interview her and I realized that Colbie is actually just as sweet and nice as her music.

We talked about skydiving (she just recently jumped out of a plane) and the story about her tattoo (which looks like it was drawn on with crayons). The tiny flower symbolizes Coco, her debut album, while the larger one represents her follow-up record, Breakthrough (which drops today).

The highlight of the interview came when we talked about future collaborations. Colbie's team-up with the hat-wearing, guitar-strumming Jason Mraz on the single "Lucky" wasn't much of a surprise considering they share a laid-back, California-centric sound, but I was surprised to hear that the songstress' musical taste is more diverse than I originally thought. Fans would be surprised to know that she hopes to pull a Taylor Swift (a former collaborator on Swift's "Breathe") and work with a rapper next!

"The next collaboration I want to do is with a hip hop artist like Common or Pharrell Williams," she told me. "I love [Bone Thugs-N-Harmony] and Notorious B.I.G., so something like that where I can do the pretty melody — kind of like the Fugees and Black Eyed Peas."

It’s hard for me to see Colbie waving her hands in air like she's a true playa, but I have to admit that she's talented enough to pull it off.

Her new video for "Fallin' for You" has her frolicking on the beach with "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Bobby Moynihan, but upon hearing of her desire to work with a hip-hop artist, I couldn't help but swap Bobby out for T-Pain and visualize the rapper rolling around on the beach and surfing. Now that's a sight to see!