Should Lindsay Lohan Leave Her Neighborhood? The Oh Snap! Poll

Times are tough for Lindsay Lohan. Her big film comeback was relegated to the ABC Family cable network, and now she's got security problems. Over the weekend, her Hollywood Hills home was broken into, and she was robbed of multiple fashion accessories and a safe that was ripped clean out of a wall. This was the second such incident in a year for Lohan, who shuttles between Los Angeles and New York regularly. Now it looks like her neighbors are banding together to try to get her to move out of the area, as they now consider her a security risk and that the narrow street creates a traffic hazard for the other members of the neighborhood. According to Perez Hilton, Lohan is actually planning on moving out. It seems a bit harsh to pile onto the star considering the break-in was no fault of her own, but the traffic and security issues are legit.

But what would you do? We hit the street in Times Square to talk to some people (including a number of Colbie Caillat fans waiting to get into today's episode of "It's On with Alexa Chung") and ask them what they thought of the Lohan situation, and if they would drive Lohan away if they lived in her 'hood.


The fantastically unscientific results are in, and it's a relatively even split for Lindsay, with 56 percent of the respondents saying they would give her the boot. They cited her penchant for partying as the biggest issue that stuck in their collective craw, though at least a few people just didn't like her work. As for those 44 percent who would support her right to stay where she wanted, they preferred the "celebrities are humans too" argument, with at least one person saying that she was allowed to stay as long as she got invited over for a party.