Nick Cannon Explains How He Wooed Mariah Carey On 'The Tonight Show'

On last night's episode of "The Tonight Show," host Conan O'Brien welcomed actor, musician and "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon to the program. During his interview, Cannon spent most of the time explaining to O'Brien how he first got together with wife Mariah Carey. "I always say I spoke our relationship into existence," Cannon told the host. "Being an entertainer, they always ask who your celebrity crush is, and I would always say Mariah Carey." Cannon said he first met her at an awards show, then didn't hear from her for a few years until he was contacted about appearing in one of Carey's videos. "First they asked me to be in 'Touch My Body.' The director wanted somebody funny, but when they told me the concept and about the '80s nut-hugger shorts, I passed," Cannon said, noting that the role he was asked to play eventually went to "30 Rock" star Jack McBrayer.

His relationship wasn't the only thing he willed into existence, as Cannon's relationship with President Barack Obama was also the result of his powerful mind. "I was on the campaign trail speaking on the President's behalf, and I had some time with him back stage one day. He told me, 'Thanks so much for doing this,' and I said 'Any time. When you win, just let me be the DJ for the inaugural party,'" he said. "I was just joking, but then I got the call." Cannon said he played Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and "'Copacabana' for the white folks. That's the joint — white people go crazy when that song is on."