Taylor Lautner Satisfies The Robert Pattinson Jones: The MTV Quote Of The Day

"We showed two new scenes, and each one focused on abdominal muscles. That was the high point, I think, for the audience. I know for a lot of people there's no such thing as too much Rob. But we've got a nice dose of Taylor to sweeten any Rob deficiencies. It is a disease that can only be treated with Vitamin T, for Taylor."

-"New Moon" director Chris Weitz on debuting two scenes from his entry in the "Twilight" saga (both of which were endorsements for his two male stars' workout regimens) at Comic-Con and dealing with the fact that heartthrob Robert Pattinson's character is largely absent from the series' second book. "You'll see quite a lot of Rob in the film, but it's seen subjectively, through Bella's eyes," he explained to MTV News as part of this week's Fall Movie Preview. "It's also in dreams that she has of him as well. It strikes this very fine balance between too much Rob and too little Rob." Weitz, the director of "About a Boy" and "The Golden Compass," took the reigns of the series from "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke (and has handed them off to "30 Days of Night" helmer David Slade). "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" hits theaters on November 20, but you can stay tuned to MTV Movies and Hollywood Crush for previews, updates and insights.