Heidi Montag's Miss Universe Performance: The Oh Snap! Poll

Last night on the broadcast of the Miss Universe pageant, MTV star Heidi Montag took her next step toward building her career as a pop singer. Montag performed her new single "Body Language" during the show, and she brought a fully-choreographed (albeit lip-synched) show to the Bahamas for her television debut. The performance received mixed reviews, though there's no denying the hook of the song, which borrows a sample from Yaz's 1982 hit "Situation."

But now that MTV has weighed in on Montag's performance, it's time to turn to the fans and find out what the public thinks of the song and dance at last night's show. So we hit the streets in Times Square to talk to a handful of people (including a few standing in line to see Montag's sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt on today's episode of "It's On with Alexa Chung") and asked them their opinion.


These results are nowhere close to scientific, but the numbers show that 83 percent of the respondents gave the whole package a thumbs down. The reasons were all over the map, too. Some simply didn't like the tune, while others were thrown by her dance choices. And more than one person brought up the fact that her outfit resembled one that Britney Spears wore at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2000. Still, the 17 percent who endorsed Montag's show cited her beauty and her charisma as reasons to love the budding pop star. Regardless, Montag is just letting the criticism roll off her back.

What do you think: Did Montag steal the show, or did she spoil it? Leave your comments below or head over to Your.MTV.com to make your voice heard!