Keri Hilson, Video Queen: An Appreciation

Today marked the premiere of Asher Roth's video for "She Don't Wanna Man," the latest clip from his smashing debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle. The song and video features a guest spot from Keri Hilson, who is rapidly becoming one of the best guest stars in music. While Rihanna may have grabbed the most recent headlines with her hook in Jay's "Run This Town," Hilson has quietly built her resumé. In "She Don't Wanna Man," Hilson plays the titular girl who is only in the club to dance. Her silky smooth delivery on the hook combined with her offbeat sexiness makes for an ideal guest spot. Even though she's only in charge of the chorus, she totally takes over the song, which is no easy feat in the presence of an MC as charismatic as Roth.


But the Roth video is only the latest in her series of scene-stealing performances. Check out the video for Kardinall Offishall's "Numba 1 (Tide Is High)," in which Hilson coos the hook (a sample of "The Tide Is High," a reggae song made popular by Blondie) and gyrates in her off-beat manner. Once again, she totally jacks the clip from Kardinal, a lively performer in his own right.

But the best Hilson drop-in is in the video for Fabolous' "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere." Again, Keri delivers the hook with a rugged sweetness and does little more than give the camera a thumbs-up, but she is so endlessly compelling that she steals the entire four minutes. She's got an easy sexiness, but there's also a sense of danger to her. Plus, she's got great hair. Of course, Hilson's own songs are phenomenal (especially "Knock You Down"), but the best way to grab some attention and give your track (and video) some attention is to sign Hilson up. Take note, MCs.