What To Expect From Tonight's Britney Spears Show: An MTV News Investigation

Believe it or not, I have never seen Britney Spears in concert. Sure, I have seen the Backstreet Boys and even begrudgingly saw 'NSYNC, but I have never, ever seen the pop princess herself live on stage dancing and singing her way through some of her most classic and choice tunes.

So in order to prepare myself for the show tonight at Madison Square Garden, I asked some of my work colleagues here at MTV News who had the chance to see her on her "Circus" tour the first time around what they think I should expect from the show. Each of them gave me some interesting tidbits of information.

Ashley Mastronardi, who attended the show in Pittsburgh in March, told me, "Britney looks great, but she is not at her 'Slave 4 U' peak (she doesn't dance as much as she has in the past). But this show proves what a star she is because although her dancers pick her up a lot and wheel her across the stage, the audience still went crazy for her. Her star power really shines through."

James Montgomery, who loves to keep his advice short and sweet (which is ironic because in real life he is neither short nor sweet) had the lucky chance to see her on her opening night in March in New Orleans: "Three words: "Expect the gays."

Meanwhile, Nicole Guanlao, who went with Ashley to the show in Pittsburgh, said, "Don't ever underestimate Britney. There's going to be animals, acrobats, fire-breathers — the whole nine yards! What's better than seeing scantily clad and muscular acrobats dangling from the ceiling while Ms. Spears sings her chart-topping tunes? You're going to see Brit shimmy and gyrate her way through almost every song. Her sexy dance moves and even sexier outfits will definitely keep your attention from beginning to end. You also better brush up on your Britney Spears classics because she's going to be singing some of your favorite hits."

With all of that in mind, I will see the show tonight and report back with my observations about how (most likely) amazing Britney will be.

Also, tell us below if you plan on seeing her again or if you have seen her already, let me know in the comments section what I should be expecting. And by the way, I'm really excited to finally see Britney!