Heidi Montag Uses Her 'Body Language' On Miss Universe Show

In any given year, there isn't a whole lot of buzz surrounding the Miss Universe pageant. After all, does anybody really need to know that a bikini-clad woman from Croatia likes Julia Roberts movies? But the buzz for last night's show was much larger, not just because everybody was curious if Miss Venezuela would repeat (she did!) but because MTV reality star Heidi Montag would be making her live debut with a performance of her new single "Body Language," from her forthcoming album.

Following an introduction by pageant co-host Claudia Jordan, the Yaz-borrowing intro to "Body Language" kicked in and Montag stormed the stage wearing a black blazer and flesh-colored pants. She quickly doffed the jacket to reveal a flesh-colored top, creating an almost-nude effect not unlike Britney Spears' outfit at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. Montag lip-synced the song and stayed in step with her backup dancers, all of whom had been furiously rehearsing in preparation for the show, which broadcast from the Bahamas. During the performance, the broadcast frequently cut away from Montag to show clips of various contestants in bathing suits on the beach, and when the camera was on Heidi, it was more than a little zoom-happy. Still, she got across the sexiness of the song despite a few dancing missteps.

By the time the song wrapped up, Montag was clearly out of breath but looked satisfied. We didn't get the chance to hear how her voice sounded live in person, but there will likely be more chances in the future. General sentiment was that the dancing was a little off, but it was honestly hard to tell considering the production and camera choices. Montag earned herself a passing grade, which means that the jury is still out on whether or not her music career will take off.