Freddie Mercury Wins Mustache Poll

Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury broke down boundaries, played to sold out stadiums and with “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” changed the way we experience sports. But he may have just received his greatest honor. In a poll taken in the U.K., Mercury took the top prize as “Britain’s Greatest Ever Moustache.” It’s hard to argue with that logic, as Mercury’s ’stache is pretty killer.

But is Mercury’s lip fuzz the greatest in music? As this photo gallery proves, he’s got some stiff competition. Brandon Flowers of the Killers sometimes rocks a very Mercury-esque facial accessory, and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer spent a few years carrying a full-on porn-stache. Of course, there are plenty of rockers who have spent their entire careers cultivating their mustaches, like David Crosby’s bushy adventure and Bob Dylan’s mysterious addendum. And the rap world is not without it’s great facial hair either — just check out Ja Rule’s fashionable ’stache.

But for my money, I’ve got to hand the award off to Metallica’s James Hetfield, who has always toyed with his facial hair in various forms throughout his career. At the moment, he has a scary-looking goatee, but for a long time he had an elaborate mustache that was second-to-none.

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What do you think: Does Mercury’s mustache reign supreme or does somebody else take the top nose-tickler prize? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to to make your voice heard!