Joe Jonas: The Future Of ‘American Idol’?

With Paula Abdul currently out of the picture, the producers of “American Idol” are working on beefing up the star power on the show. So far, they’ve only broken out the big guns: Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain and Victoria Beckham have all been confirmed for the upcoming season of the show, and two more huge stars are apparently close to confirming their participation. The first, Kelly Clarkson, is an obvious choice. Why wouldn’t you want to involve the first (and arguably most successful) “American Idol” winner? The other name is probably bigger and arguably more intriguing than Clarkson, and that’s Joe Jonas of those more-famous-than-famous Jonas Brothers.

While Joe doesn’t necessarily have the same sort of long career that Blige or Twain or even Clarkson, he’s a guy who knows all about singing, performance, songwriting and fame. Since the Jonas Brothers exist in just about every pop music context you can find (pop and rock, kids and teens, dance music and ballads), he should have advice for everybody, not just the contestants who seem to match up with his worldview. (Blige, for example, probably would be no help to anybody with more of a rock background, and Twain will likely only be useful to those finalists interested in country music.)

And since Joe is a pretty playful performer and often game for whatever (he did pour himself into a catsuit to pay homage to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video after all), he would be ready to banter with Randy, go toe-to-toe with Simon and do whatever it is that Kara does. It’ll make for some great television as well as produce good music.

So here’s hoping the rumor morphs its way into confirmation. And why stop at just offering him a guest slot? Make him a permanent member of the team! He’s probably got a lot of other stuff going on (what with being in one of the biggest bands in the world and all), but even if you don’t like the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas can only bring awesomeness to the upcoming season of “American Idol.”