Chuck Liddell Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ May Resurrect DMX’s Career

The new season of “Dancing With the Stars” is coming up soon, and the new cast has been announced. It includes R&B singer Mya, rock and roll scion Kelly Osbourne, spacey Macy Gray, Aaron Carter and former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin (following in the footsteps of former teammate Emmitt Smith). But there is one new member of the cast who intrigues me the most, and that is former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. The MMA fighter recently retired from the cage, having lost four of his last five fights (including two via devastating knockouts at the hands of Rashad Evans and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua).

Though the kickboxer and wrestler is more used to throwing overhand rights than doing the tango, Liddell should be great on “Dancing With the Stars.” Think about it: He has a tremendous amount of strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. In the past, athletes have fared very well on the show (including championship runs from Smith, gymnast Shawn Johnson and figure skaters Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno). Liddell should go deep — besides, wouldn’t everybody be afraid of giving him negative feedback? The dude is huge!

Of course, he also knows music. He has appeared in music videos by Nickelback and American Head Charge. During his fighting career, Liddell used the intro to DMX’s album It’s Dark and Hell is Hot as his entrance music. While it seems unlikely that Chuck will be dancing to any X tracks on the show, I hope he walks to the stage to the song every time he goes to compete. And with several million people watching per week, it’s sure to get people interested in the missing-in-action rapper’s back catalog. And with tracks like “Party Up,” who can blame them?