Will Kourtney Be The Best Kardashian Mama? The Oh Snap! Poll

by Adam Murphy

Well, folks, it looks like we're gonna have another Kardashian to keep up with.

The thrilling news of Kourtney Kardashian's pregnancy inspired us with its unprecedented Oh-Snapability, prompting us to take a truly vital poll out in Times Square this morning. The question: "Which Kardashian would make the best mother?" Here's this week's Oh Snap! poll:


Our unbelievably unscientific poll results show that 48 percent of respondents believe that Kourtney would make the best mother of the three sisters. But not so fast, Kourtney: Kim came in right on your heels at 44 percent. And for whatever reason, Khloé got the shaft, receiving an endorsement as skimpy as, well ... her outfits. Something about her seems to scream "UNFIT MOTHER" to our people in Times Square.

This is definitely not the opinion of MTV News or Viacom.

In the interest of full scientific disclosure, we did happen to interview a disproportionate number of 18-year-old boys who seemed very familiar with Kim's body of work, possibly skewing our numbers. But in the end, all is right with the world! The pregnant Kourtney Kardashian will be the best mom of all of her sisters, because we said so.