Miley Cyrus Pole Dances And Radiohead Flirt With Vampires: This Week's Deep Cuts

The summer weekends are quickly running out, so make sure you spent the next few days hitting the beach, seeing "District 9," lounging by the pool, hanging out with Kid Rock or whatever else means "summer" to you. But before you do that, make sure you arm yourself with all of the greatness that came barreling out of the Newsroom this week.

» Sometimes a dance on top of an ice cream cart is just an endorsement of frozen treats, but that's never the case if you're Miley Cyrus at the Teen Choice Awards.

» Still, Miley really should have just pointed out that she was simply paying homage to videos by Aerosmith and Juvenile.

» If you're Taylor Swift, sometimes you think, "My life can't get any more awesome." And then you get a tweet from Ace Frehley and it gets infinitely better.

» There is a secret formula to "America's Best Dance Crew." Here's a hint: Experience counts.

» Wyclef takes his push-up challenges very seriously.

» Janet Jackson has arrived on Twitter. Can the rest of the clan be far behind?

» Lady Gaga is just like Kurt Cobain. Except really, really gay.

» It's a stretch, but we may already be in the presence of Thom Yorke's "New Moon" contribution. Worst case scenario: We have a great new Radiohead track.

» Bad news: Selena Gomez named her band "The Scene." Good news: That's still a more interesting name than Mr. Mister.

» Finally, Les Paul passed away at the age of 94, but his legacy lives in with Slash, Madonna, Katy Perry and MTV Movie Blog editor Adam Rosenberg.