Kris Allen On Paula Abdul, Danny Gokey And Sex Toys: The Outtakes!

Move over Alexa Chung. There's a new morning chat show headed to MTV: "Wake Up with Kris and Jim."

Okay, not really.

But "American Idol" winner Kris Allen did express interest in co-hosting a daily talk show with me, provided his music career doesn't pan out. (As if.)

That was just one of the nuggets left on the cutting room floor of our four part "Kris Allen: Raw" interview, which premiered earlier this week. Although we initially posted about eight (super-focused) minutes of our chat, Kris and I gabbed for almost twenty minutes, touching on everything from sex toys to Danny Gokey (two things I never thought I'd see in the same sentence).

Lots of our 20-minute chat ended up being silly banter and bad puns, which is probably why we decided to trim that stuff out in the first place. But fans have expressed interest in seeing as much of my sit-down with Kris as possible. We aim to please here at MTV News, so we cut together a fun little reel of odds and ends.

Among the other "revelations" in this collection of outtakes: Kris brags that he finally received his first bra on stage (he usually gets boxers), the Little Rock native cites an HBO documentary about gangs as an unlikely inspiration and he raises an eyebrow at my idea of recording a charity single to keep Paula on "American Idol."

"But Jim," the Allen Nation is sure to inquire/harass me about on Twitter, "if my math is correct, there's still at least five minutes of stuff you haven't shown us. We want more!" Sorry, fans. This is all you're gonna get. Trust me, the other five minutes is worth burying. Do you really want to see me awkwardly compare Kris, Allison and Adam scoring record contracts to contestants on "Groomer Has It" winning "Quick Sniff Challenges?" Hell to the no.

So, about that talk show idea, Kris ... nah, who am I kidding? We all know Kris' music career is taking off. I guess I should look elsewhere for a co-host. Maybe Alex Wagner-Trugman is available?

Enjoy the outtakes!