Everything About Lady Gaga Is Gay: The MTV Quote Of The Day

"I just want to be clear before we decide to do this together: I'm gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it's gay. And I love my gay fans and they're all going to be coming to our show. And it's going to remain gay."

-What Lady Gaga said to Kanye West before the two started planning their upcoming tour. Gaga says everything going into the production — from the set to the sound to the lights — is going to be epic. "It's going to be one of the most groundbreaking moments in tour history," she said. "I'm sure of it." But before she leaves for that tour, she has to first plan out her performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which was just announced this week. She'll share the stage with Green Day, Taylor Swift, Pink, Jay-Z and Muse at the ceremony on Sunday, September 13. In addition to her performance, she'll also be competing for nine awards. She's tied with Beyoncé for the most nominations, though Gaga's are spread over two different videos: "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi."