Breaking: Kanye West Not A Gap Intern

Kanye West is a lot of things: rapper, actor, wedge-hawk supporter, VMA nominee, shoe designer, blogger, fan of complicated furniture and world-class awards show bomb thrower. But one thing he is not is a fashion house intern. Last year, there were reports that he was going to take a break from music to intern at Louis Vuitton, followed by the more unlikely news that he was going to take time out to work as an intern at the Gap.

Cute story, but as with many rumors about Kanye, it also happens to be totally not true. Gap designer Patrick Robinson cleared up the confusion this week, telling Fashion Week Daily that "He's not my intern!" Robinson explained that the two are friends and "He just likes to see what we do. I tell him, if he wants people to take him seriously in fashion, they have to see blood first! They have to see the blood and the sweat, to see that he really wants it, but he definitely has the capability."

Robinson didn't specifically say that West wasn't "apprenticing" with him, as has also been reported. And he didn't say anything about West supposedly designing for the Gap during his phantom internship. But he did reveal what he thinks about 'Ye digging further into the fashion world: "I keep telling him he should stick to music."