Why Radiohead's 'These Are My Twisted Words' Could Be On The 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Just one week after Radiohead dropped their first piece of new music in two years with a charity single for the British military, another tune from the band has snuck onto the information superhighway. Though the source of the leak remains mysterious, "These Are My Twisted Words" (which may or may not be the actual title) is a tune in the In Rainbows idiom that features a propulsive drum beat and spacey guitars. It first sounds like an instrumental, but then Thom Yorke's unmistakable wail kicks in and delivers a lyric sheet that centers around the couplet "When are you coming back?/ I just can't stand it."

Though Yorke recently said that it would be a long time before there was another Radiohead record, that doesn't mean that new music is entirely out of the ordinary. In the same interview, Yorke suggests that his group will be satisfying fans with EPs and single releases in the near future. It's possible that "These Are My Twisted Words" is one of those releases, but there is also the issue of Yorke's appearance on the soundtrack to "New Moon." The track was already delivered to director Chris Weitz, and while the tune doesn't sound very much like anything from Yorke's 2006 solo album The Eraser (which was firmly planted in the electronic world), the lyrics could be stretched to address elements of the "Twilight" sequel.

One of the central elements of "New Moon" is Edward's exit from the scene for the sake of Bella's safety. In his absence, she becomes close to Jacob. "These Are My Twisted Words" could actually be sung from inside Bella's head, as she spends the first part of the novel pining for the vampire who left her ("When are you coming back?" might as well be her inner monologue). And doesn't "I'm so sick of just talking" (sung by Yorke in the song's opening verse) sound like the plea of a woman yearning for action?

In any event, it's an excellently moody little tune that would do well as a teaser for an EP or as accompaniment to one of 2009's most hotly-anticipated films.